Monday, September 27, 2010

Google Instant Search: Tips for Getting more Visitors

Now that Google Instant Search has been released, many  professional SEOs are wondering if this will have an effect on their SEO efforts. Some of them are experiencing a huge drop on their referrals from Google from the start it came out. Whether these speculations are true or not, it's necessary to adapt on this change so that your website won't lose visitors. In this article, it discusses what Google Instant is as well as it provides some tips on how to get more visitors from this latest innovation on Google Search.

What is Google Instant?

Google Instant Search is a new way for Google to display its search results while the user is typing the query. Google tries to complete the query during the input.

How this Affects Website's Traffic from Google

It's said that it has no impact on the search engine result pages on Google. However, it does influence the way people type and search for information they're looking for. Google Instant offers suggestions for visitors while typing for keyword or keyphrases and many of them may select any of those suggestions. Thus, some keywords or keyphrases will get more searches than before while the others will decrease.

To adapt with this change, you have to optimize your webpage for keywords that Google suggests. There are lots of keyword suggestions tools that are for free to use such as Google Adword Keyword tool and Google Trends to give  you some idea for search volume of keywords or key phrases you want to rank. for. However if your webpage is already ranking for high searches, then it's better not to change that.

Google Instant is indeed a new way of displaying search results of Google. With this keyword suggestion feature, some keywords will not get more search impressions while others get fewer impressions.


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