Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yahoo to Test "Rich Search Assist", Yahoo's Version of Google Instant

Yahoo is currently testing its own version of Instant Search which is called “Rich Search Assist”. Just like Google Instant, it automatically shows results as you type on the yahoo search box, however it's only in the top half of the page.

What's new in Yahoo's version of Google Instant is that next to its displayed suggestions, the searcher can able to see a closer look at the first result, he or she would like to get for each topic. As the searcher moves down through the other displayed suggestions, the preview changes to match those suggestions.

Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Yahoo Search products, announced that only 5 percent of Yahoo users can able to use Rich Search Assist as they are still testing various versions of it. The testing will go on for a month or two until they finalize the final product to roll out to the public.

This new search innovation from Yahoo will change the way the searchers and even professional SEOs look for information online, making it simple, easy and fast experience.

What's your opinion about Rich Search Assist?

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