Thursday, January 6, 2011

86% Difference of Google Desktop Searches from Mobile Searches

About 86% search results difference of Google desktop from smart phone was seen in a study posted by Bryson Meunier. This means that the search results gotten from a specific keyword search when done in an iPhone or Android phone differs for about 86% of the time when the search is conducted the same search on a desktop browser.

According to Bryson, most Search Engine Optimization Experts have claimed that there are no major differences between the two. He said that SEOs should optimize their pages for desktop versus iPhone or Android phones to see the difference. He added that this only an over simplifying of the process which he had explained many times already and so professional SEO and other concerned user can be aware of.

Bryson found out on his study that the majority of these 86% difference in the search results are due to Google which shows more locally related results. In behalf of Google, the company claimed that if a certain user searches on a mobile device, the search intent specifically goes on locally related results.

Bryson documented the main differences he saw in this study he created. He observed that Google Places listings sometimes appear higher in results on mobile than on desktop. Mobile searches come out more local results which make it more likely to appear faster than if conducted using a desktop. The difference in the positions of vertical results in smartphone versus desktop is also visible. Mobile researches also result for queries that include “download” or “app” and brand and store filters don’t currently come out.

CTR and bounce rate data is used to determine ranking in smartphone results. This is more likely to vary mobile smartphone listings and is likely to change click through rates for mobile researches. The listings in mobile suggest abbreviated title line breaks and descriptions, unusable desktop sites, increased engagement of mobile users and the variations in ranking.

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Philip said...

That just means that many people are going mobile and it should be given important especially for online marketers. Campaigns should now include targeting mobile users as well.

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All right.
Your tips are well enough to know about seo for both new and old professionals.
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