Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mashable Follow, a New Social Layer has been Introduced

Mashable Follow’, a new social layer is the start of a significant shift for Mashable in 2011. The said project has been launched already that aims to evolve from being a purely editor-driven news site to become a true news community that seeks to engage readers the news process. This empowers the online community to choose the news of the day which is the ultimate aim of this follow project.

Based on retweeted links, Mashable was named the Most Influential Media Outlet by Klout, a social influence service while it was ranked by Hewlett-Package study the most influential Twitter account. Articles from ‘Mashable’ are retweeted more than 40,000 times per day and shared on Facebook more than 40,000 times per week. Exceptionally readers of Mashable have been the huge contributor that made them able to grow beyond 12 million unique visitors per month and even become the world’s largest independent web technology news site.

Mashable’s success in 2010 shows growing staff members to 40 increasing their output to more than 45 stories per day. New channels like Dev & Design, Business & Marketing and Startups were also launched. The company makes sharing stories even easier given that the Mashable community loves to share. The new introduced follow project allows readers to add their Facebook, Google Buzz, Twitter and Digg accounts to their profile pages and share all of its services in just a single click. Badges are now also available for its users to promote all their social media accounts and connect with other Mashable community members who share the same interests. 

Mashable Follow’ is just in its starting point for Mashable’s social ambitions and the company still has grand plans to make it much more than just a digital news source. The company simply wants its community to power the news. 


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