Monday, February 7, 2011

Reddit Hits 1 Billion Monthly Page Views due to Digg's Version 4 Failure

Reddit, a subsidiary of Conde Nast Company, has reached a new milestone, garnering 1 billion monthly pageviews. That increase is said to be 300% compared to its previous stat last year and 20% compared to its recent stat last month. For the record, this is the biggest accomplishment of Reddit hitting the billion pageview milestone.

According to Reddit's official statement published on their blog post:

Never has a single punctuation mark brought us so much joy. There are only about 100 sites on the entire Internet that get a billion pageviews in a single month, and now reddit can put on its smoking jacket and join that exclusive club. The New York Times isn't on the membership list, nor is Expedia,,, or Fox News. In your face, meteorologists!

Some experts say that this success of Reddit is due to the failure of Digg's Version 4. A lot of digg users have revolted against the launching of Digg' new design and interface, resulting to its traffic drop.

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