Friday, June 15, 2012

Qwiki-pedia on Bing Search Results

Bing’s search results are now featuring Qwikis.

Just a few weeks after launching its revamped interactive video and multimedia format, Qwiki is in partnership with Microsoft’s Bing search engine in bringing Qwiki results right on Bing search result pages.

Now, Qwiki-pedia is added by Bing in their search results, where Bing searchers can see short, captioned videos that turn text on Wikipedia pages into words that are spoken by a robotic female voice, as they’re treated to a scrolling slideshow of related images, videos, and maps.

For instance, if you conduct a search, let’s say for the term “Steve Ballmer” on Bing now, along with the regular blue links, a Qwiki’s entry on the search term you type will be displayed, embedded right in the search results. Specifically, below the Wikipedia entry, you will be able to see a play button next to a link to “ Steve Ballmer - Watch the Qwiki”. Click on this play button, and you will be able to play the Qwiki interactive presentation inline on the page.

According to Qwiki founder and CEO Doug Imbruce, “Qwiki’s integration into Bing combines search and video – two of the biggest trends in Internet history – into a powerful platform that for the first time ever, turns search results into interactive, playable experiences.”

Close to 3 million Qwikis are being integrated by Qwiki into Bing’s search engine. But the new format that was launched in May, which ABC News has begun to use on its own site is not included in those Qwikis.

The Qwiki being integrated into the Bing results is said to be machine-generated and features a robotic, computer-based narrator. The newer format is also planned to be integrated soon by Qwiki.

Imbruce said, “Eventually, any web site owner will be able to leverage this experience to generate higher engagement within their search results.”

Though, Bing’s deal with the startup company will be initially limited to appearing beneath millions of Wikipedia results, a plan of “deeper integration” was promised by Bing in coming months.

If you want more details, you can watch the video demonstrating Qwiki on Bing, featuring Bing Director Stefan Weitz, released by the company.


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