Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Quick Review on Facebook's iOS App

It’s time for SEO Service providers to intensify site’s mobile optimization as Facebook’s faster iOS App is finally here!

With approximately 500 million users accessing Facebook through their mobile phone and in June 2011, iPhone applications were reported to have hit one billion in nine months, as well as Facebook having added 100 million users in less than nine months, it seems there is a very significant need for Search Engine Optimization Experts to super-intensify their mobile SEO optimization campaigns.

Just recently, Facebook had finally rolled out its massive update of its iOS app, with iOS app version 5.0, offering to be a much better, faster, more native experience to users.

In June, The New York Times was told by two Facebook developers that a native rewrite was on the works for Facebook’s iOS App.

Now, describes as being “rebuilt so it’s faster and easier to use,” Facebook new iOS App v.5 features:
  • iOS app build in Objective-C, making the app 2.5 times faster
  • app opens much faster
  • photos load, and the feed shows new stories twice as quickly
  • news feed remarkably responsive that reacts instantly at the slightest flick of a finger with a high frame rate
  • navigation sidebar slides out much more crisply
  • notifications load right when you open Facebook
  • content cached between views
  • all the Messenger standalone app features are now built in
  • a drop-down “new stories” banner that can alert you to fresh news feed content in real-time
  • a Facebook for iPad app update that finally supports viewing of Timeline on the device
This massive overhaul to its Facebook iOS App was done in answer to the many criticisms of it being slow and unresponsive. This slowness is partly due to the old app’s reliance on HTML5. Though a great way to build cross-platform, mobile-friendly apps and web pages are not as fast for certain types of applications. 

According to Facebook’s iOS mobile product manager Mick Johnson, “We feel the pain points [regarding slowness] pretty harshly ourselves…so this major update to the Facebook for iOS app is focused on one thing — speed.”

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