Monday, August 13, 2012

Blogger Platform Has Google Plus Tab

Google has finally integrated their social media platform into their blogging platform, with the recent introduction of Google+ sharing through the Blogger dashboard.

This new move is really a great way for search engine optimization experts to grow their Blogger audience through the dramatically expanding Google+ community. 
As the two go jointly with some new features in making sharing content with those in their circles easier than ever, this new integration is also a great way in streamlining the process of sharing for bloggers and SEO Services providers who tend to distribute their blog posts on the Google network. 

As posted on the Blogger Buzz blog, “Blogger lets you share your thoughts, grow your readership, and engage with your audience. But we want to make Blogger even better by letting you tap into the growing Google+ community. Today, we’re adding a new “Google+” tab in the Blogger dashboard, so you now have a central place to start growing your blog with Google+.”

So, now you’re going to have to link your blog with your Google+ profile. To do this, just go to the Google+ tab in your Blogger dashboard. There, you can see the option to connect the two profiles which is prominently displayed.

For those who are not already on the network, you can click the “Google+” tab in the Blogger dashboard and then the “Upgrade” button. However, if you’re already using Google+, options are provided to help associate a blog with the corresponding profile or page.

For those with large Google+ followers, you will now be able to notify them when you publish, and let them share or recommend your content.

As posted, “Each time you post on your blog, we'll show you a Google+ share box to let you notify followers that you have new blog content.” 

And if the post you’ve shared are liked by your followers, they will also now be able to +1 or reshare this post to their own friends on Google+; thus, “this ripple effect exposes links to your content to a wider audience.”

Moreover, the new integration also enables you to hook potential new fans as well as “build enduring connections with your audience,” which is great for search engine optimization service experts, making their work easier.

To do this, just add the Google+ gadget to your blog page. This will make it easy for your circles to add your profile or page to their circles when they like something you’ve published with the option being able to keep on reading your content once they’ve left your blog.

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