Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Facebook is Now Removing Fake Likes

Just recently, Facebook has executed its latest public move against scammers who make use of malware and fraud to generate phony "Like" votes. They had just recently announced that it had started its crack down on “Likes” generated by fake accounts.

As posted by Facebook, “A Like that doesn't come from someone truly interested in connecting with a Page benefits no one.

So, the company has increased its use of automated tools that can detect and remove fraudulent "Likes".

The social network’s most public effort yet in combating false accounts, the effort is said to include the use of updated security components that can better identify suspect behavior.

According to the company, only less than 1 percent of likes, on the average, will be removed as long as the site and its affiliates are abiding by the terms. Furthermore, it said that this move will eliminate Likes which have been acquired through malware, compromised accounts, deceived users as well as purchased bulk Likes.

Scammers and malware writers have made popular the use of fraudulent Likes, or Like-jacking in spreading their attacks and diverting users to advertising or malware-serving sites, as well as advertising affiliate pages. This is because automated Like operations tend to artificially inflate the perceived popularity of a page or company, thereby enabling the attacker to collect a higher affiliate rate from an advertiser.

It was noted by Facebook that any effort of buying, selling, or otherwise artificially generating "Like" activity on the site is a violation of its terms and conditions.

Facebook had stated that Facebook’s mission is to help the world share and so it is important that only real identity of users and brands will be honored. Also, it is important that people can like only the pages which they really have interest in. This is significant in helping people see and be aware of pages that can truly provide help and enlightenment.

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