Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Majestic SEO Fresh Index Now Updated Within Hours

Majestic SEO, one of the advanced SEO third party link reporting services, has once again made another milestone in its Majestic SEO offerings. 

Just recently, it was announced by Majestic SEO that their linkage data have now been updated to be as fresh as within hours or minutes. 

This is good news to SEO professionals and webmasters as this will really be great with their link building campaign. 

Although the Historic Index, which is said to have 4 trillion URLs, give or take, will still be updated every month. The Fresh Index, which is said to have 191 billion URLs, give or take and have been used to be updated daily, will now be getting new data every hour.

So, now rather than waiting for the entire 24 hours for the link reports to be updated, linkage data updates will be pushed by Majestic SEO throughout the day. And what’s more, it’s done almost hourly, so webmasters and experts in Search Engine Optimization running their link building campaign can see new links to their content sooner. 

It was explained by Majestic SEO that this is important especially in instances when you want to keep track of the progress of acquired links to new viral content or other content that may have a seasonal appeal. 

For now, these updated numbers are said to be introduced into the site explorer. 

Over time, this new technology will be integrated by Majestic SEO across to the rest of their services in incremental phases. So you can expect to see the newest links to be available in the API very soon and in their Reports soon after in the future. 

According to Majestic SEO, this incremental nature of the update is said to be due to the need for balancing the demands of a large number of agencies, professionals and resellers who rely on their data, and those who need the most up to date data 24/7. So, the dumping of their database and starting again isn’t an option for them. 

In addition, it was warned by Majestic SEO that their Trust Flow and Citation Flow Metrics might not be as accurate as possible on the URLs and Domains until a snapshot has been taken, which is still carried out daily. 

The Flow Metrics relies on every other URL that influences it over much iterations of links away that’s why it is impossible to make an accurate assessment of one URL’s Flow Metrics without understanding the entire universe.

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Alice Roth of NolinBPO.com said...

Majestic has been recognize by many seo gurus out there and it also helped me alot in my previous SEO projects and I have to say that having a new data very hour will be a great help especially is searching for some trusted links.

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