Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Google Improves Image Search with Streamlined Features

Google, being the giant and leader in online search, has just updated its image search with streamlined features, allowing people to make searches easier and see larger images more conveniently. They officially announced this update on their twitter account.

Old Google Image Search

In the old way, you enter a keyword and then the images appear in small thumbnails altogether. To see a bigger view, you would have to click on the image and then it increases slightly its size. And then it produces a larger version of the image when you click on the thumbnail.

New Google Image Search

With the new streamlined image search, you have to simply select an image to bring up the larger version of it which is spread over the central area.

This means that with this new way, you can immediately see the details of that particular image without having to open the image separately. You will also be provided information about the image which includes the title of the page, its domain, as well as the image size available. Below these details, you can also see the clickable buttons such as “Visit the page”, “View original image” and “Image details”.

With these changes, Google has seen a net increase in the average CTR to the hosting website, according to their tests.

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