Monday, March 11, 2013

Google+ Now the 2nd Largest Social Network Globally

It has not been long ago when Google+ was introduced. However, its growth rate has been seen to be immense and so it has now been considered as the 2nd largest social network. Of course, Facebook stays at no. 1 with 693 million users. 

With about 343 million users, or 25 percent of all internet users in the world, Google+ now has surpassed Twitter according to a recent study conducted by Global Web Index. 

It is said that a growth of 27 percent was seen on the site over December. This is all the more reason for SEO experts to include such Google+ in their search engine optimization service. Users here pertain to those active and had contributed to the site within the past month. 

“Interestingly for Google, YouTube (not previously tracked by us as a social platform) comes in at No 3, demonstrating the immense opportunity of linking Google’s services through the G+ social layer. This is also a key indication of why Google+ integrated with the Google product set is so key to the future of search and the internet,” says Brett Petersen, consulting director of Global Web Index, the source of the ranking. 

Youtube, now at number 3, is owned by Google and has some 300 million users or a good 21 percent of the internet user population. Twitter, previously at no. 2, now lags behind Youtube with 288 million users. However, Twitter is considered as 2013’s fastest-growing network in terms of active usage. A 40 percent growth was noted all over 31 markets. 

Such rankings will even convince business owners to move to the online world to make their businesses and products reach the maximum number of target customers. It will also entice them to engage Search Engine Optimization Service from SEO experts to increase the exposure of their pages on the web. 

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