Friday, September 7, 2012

Guidelines For Guest Blog Posting

Guest Posting, the writing of great content articles and publishing them on other blogs/websites, especially of authoritative people, has been a tried and true link building strategy, especially in today's SEO environment. It has become the best way to building relationships with important people, creating a network, increasing your website’s inbound links and the opportunity to get authoritative inbound links (or backlinks).

Likewise, doing Guest Blog Posting has also become a more important SEO strategy in strengthening your brand; thus, driving traffic to your site. In fact, even SEO companies offer this kind of SEO Service.

In Guest Blogging, you should follow certain guidelines to make these blog owners allow and welcome you to guest post in their site. Many of these authoritative blog owners have busy schedules and depend on finding great sources of content to enable them to keep content flowing on their blog or website. Offering them a guest post with great content could be just the thing they are looking for, allowing you to publish your great guest blog posts.

Here are the Guidelines You Should Follow when Guest Posting:

1.   Share Real Experience, Real Examples, Be Real YOU!

When guest posting, write with personality. Include your personality and not be bland in your writing. Demonstrate to your target readers that you’re a cool dude. If you’ve got a dry sense of humor, show it in your writings. If you’ve done something interesting that day, you can start off the blog post talking about it in a funny way. In this way, your guest post is going to stand out, as it will be different from everyone else’s stuff. 

2.   Choose Unique, Original, Interesting and of Value Topics

In choosing the content to create, make a study of the target site. Optimize the content you’re writing for their audience. Try to figure out what topics are being posted previously, what do the readers like and what will complement recent articles they have written. You must pay particular attention to other people’s guest postings on the site. 

In this way, you will be provided with clues to areas of expertise that the site owner likes to get help with. Then review the expertise that you can bring to bear. Make sure that you have something of high value to add to the conversation on the site. Provided that there is a focus on authoritative sites and influential people, then make sure to propose a topic where you can add your own authoritative voice to their site.

3.   Optimize Your Content for Advanced Readers

There are some blog sites that their blog readers are professionals. For example, an Australia SEO company’s blog readers are successful SEOs and internet marketers. So, in writing a guest post, you should keep these readers in mind. 

Remember that they are experts in their own rights, so adapt your writings in accordance to their expertise. These readers are advanced and savvy. So, provide them with savvy contents, instead of basics.

4.   Clear, Easy to Read Formatting

Content is king. When it comes to blog posts, however, the look and feel of a post can be the difference between it being read or passed over. When you guest post, please read first the site’s guidelines. If there is no formatting guidelines or if you’re unsure on the formatting side, you can follow the formatting that blogger uses.

In formatting your guest post:
  • Make sure that your posts have smooth and clean, easy read formatting.
  • You can divide your post into short, easy-to-skim paragraphs, with header(s) and sub-header(s) for each meaningful point.
  • You can also highlight your main points by making them bold.
  • You can also make use of bullets or numbers.
  • Make sure to end your post with a powerful conclusion and an open question. This is to engage readers and encourage comments.
5.   Promote the Post and Respond to Comments

Make sure to promote your guest post on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Once your post goes live, don’t forget to inform your social network about your new post. 

Likewise, make sure to respond to your post comments and questions. In this way, you are building rapport between you and your readers. The blog owner also appreciates it when you reply.

6.   Don’t Forget To Visit. Make sure to visit your Guest Post

Make sure to follow up your guest post. In this way, you’ll know how your post is appreciated or being responded to. Then don’t forget to respond to comments and promote it in social networks. Then make sure to write a post on your own blog, expanding on the topic started in your guest post and then link to it. In this way, you are offering more traffic to the blogger who’s giving you real estate space.

These are just some of the guidelines in guest posting. Though they are not complete, they may just make your guest post stand out. Just remember, guest posting is like posting in your own blog. You have to optimize them and promote and pay attention to them and the captive audience who participates in your post.

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