Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blekko's Search Engine to Use Actual Humans to Rank Websites

Reuters reports that Blekko, a new tech startup based out of Silicon Valley, is planning to release a test version of search engine that uses actual humans to rank websites according to their relevancy and value. It's algorithm is based on human touch that is said to be the best ingredient that is missing from Google which developed a complicated algorithm.

Rich Skrenta, Chief Executive of Blekko, told Reuters that they will narrow searches to groups of websites that people, not computers, have pre-approved as being the best sources of information for particular topics.

Google is happy to see a new search engine to join them to the search engine landscape. One of their representatives said "Having great competitors is a huge benefit to us and everyone in the search space - it makes us all work harder, and at the end of the day everyone benefits from that."

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