Monday, December 6, 2010

"Who to Follow” Directory Launched by Twitter

As you login to your Twitter account, you may probably notice a new tab found at the top of the page which is called “Directory” or “People” or “Who to Follow”. These are different names for a new tool which was launched by Twitter to help people find new accounts that they can follow. This  is also seen as the best attempt of Twitter to facilitate user connections.

As you will see in your Twitter page, the tab is labeled as “Directory” and other tabs such as “Who to Follow” and “People” are also visible. If you don’t see the tab/link mentioned, you may still use it if you wish to by going to!/who_to_follow.

On the right of the page is said to be more clever as it shows the user 10 accounts that s/he has followed most recently. By simply clicking on each of the accounts, you will be shown two accounts which are the same. However, this feature will not be working if you have followed a recently created account for they may not be around enough for them to develop a reputation score which will classify them with similar accounts.
Found below that is Twitter’s already existing “Invite Friends” email tool along with two new links to tools which are recommended by Bing and Listorious.

There are also two new tabs which are found on the left side which will allow the user to browse categories of users such as “Books”, “Charity”, “Entertainment”, and so on. Users may also search services that will enable you to discover which of your friends are already into Twitter. You may notice in the page that Facebook is missing. This is due to the fact that Facebook has been blocking Twitter from accessing its information since January.

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