Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Google Introduces "Reading Level" Search Filter

Google has been said to be the most dominant search engine not just in United States but around the world. The Google web search engine is thecompany's most popular service. 

Recently, Google introduces “Reading Level” , the brand new search filter option to the advance search page in Google. It aims to provide users to search contents based on your reading level. The choices are: show only advanced results, show only intermediate results, show only basic results, annotate results with reading levels and no reading level displayed. 

If you click “annotate results”, Google will give you all the search results with labels if it is basic, intermediate or advanced. It is also now possible for you quickly filter them on the page. These options normally appear below the results of the websites you have browsed. Some search engine optimization expert uses it identify the result of each reading level for professional SEO.

The google project manager said that this will be rolled out sometime today. This new search filter option has also features a Google help document. It also shows the result of reading level from other browser such as Yahoo making search engine optimization service easier to use. 

Nowadays, it is said that most of SEO Packages are found through the use of updated Google advance search page. It is said that this feature is only available for English web pages, but Google does not confirm yet if it uses Flesch – Kincaid readability test.

Google stated that less than half of the indexed pages are written at a basic reading level. Half of its pages are written at an intermediate reading level. 2% of the pages are written at an advance reading level making it the least among the options. 

Google stated that they will be implementing more tools in the near future. They mainly put emphasis on search engine optimization tools that help out most of the bloggers and professional SEOs.

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