Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yahoo Buzz, Traffic APIs and Delicious will soon closed

Leaked slide from a Yahoo “all hands” meeting has reported earlier this week. The products includes Delicious, AltaVista and Yahoo buzz is confirmed to be closed and so with the Traffic APIs.

According to Yahoo, they will focus more on their core strengths and will eliminate underperforming or off-strategy products that are mentioned. They are planning to fund new innovation in the coming years. They will communicate specific plans in the right time.

At this point, Yahoo has not comment yet on Delicious positively closure.

Eric Marcoullier, a previous Yahoo employee, tweeted out a picture from an internal slideshow given to Yahoo employees about firing the source of it. He confounded the service of Mybloglog. The image shows the Yahoo Buzz being the on the bottom list. This list includes the products that soon will be closed. Yahoo Buzz was launched in Feb 2008. Its name was gotten from previous trends-based products. It was as a counterpart of new Digg with close links to publishers.

AltaVista and AllTheWeb are also on the “sunset” list which is both search engines that Yahoo inherited from Overture which later in 2003 has been bought by the same company. When Google boosted the World Wide Web, AltaVista, the used to be a giant of the search world has been downgraded. The closure of these services have make sense as they don’t offer anything that Yahoo doesn’t really offer. Both of these services now are being powered by Bing. Some of this legacy traffic will finally disappear in the long term.

MyBlogLog, on the other hand, has been in its fame as a social widget that can be installed on your personalized blog. It was bought by Yahoo in 2007. But soon, it became pretty spammy and refrained using it.

Delicious is said to be one of the survivors of the social bookmarking world. This social site remains to be strong despite the closure of some of its competitors. It has been tough for Yahoo to have decided to finally close some of its social network sites for some reason. But it was said to be a terrible mistake to let the news leak out that fast. It will definitely affect its loyal users and the future of their bookmarks.

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