Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bing Introduces Redesigned Version of Bing's Toolbar

Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has introduced “Bing Bar”, a full redesigned version of its previous toolbar. What's great with this toolbar is it now functions more like a kind of dashboard, making it more user-friendly to use.  

Stefan Weitz of Microsoft says "Bing’s toolbar has been rebuilt from the ground up". The new toolbar is graphically more well-designed than a conventional toolbar. It lets its users to get lots of various types of information through drop-down windows such as the news, weather, maps, movies, games, multiple email accounts and so on. 

It is now possible for users to obtain and interact with their Facebook feeds without going to the website’s homepage. This idea is sort of borrowed from Bing’s philosophy which enables its users to quickly get to information or complete tasks without making any click through or down a level to another site. It is a content module that effectively operates like browser tabs and diminishes the need to have a lot of tabs open simultaneously.

This new introduced toolbar is a very useful tool for both Bing users and non-users. Unfortunately, it cannot be used for Mac version and it only works with IE 7 or later. So if you are using Windows, it needs to be Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 3.

According to Weitz, about 12 percent of all searches happen through toolbars. However, he was not aware of the precise number of Bing searches in certain happening through toolbars. A computer hardware OEM-toolbar distribution deals is used by Microsoft in the past as a cornerstone of its new clients and users acquisition strategy for Bing. 

Bing didn’t get appearance on whether its users are more engaged and loyal than other types of Bing users. If permitted by users, Bing also captures important valuable clickstream data from toolbars. 

Some of its extraordinary features include consolidating your email accounts to see multiple inboxes at once, watch latest viral videos to news, prepare for a change in the weather in its weather reports and forecasts, keep updated and connected to your friends at the touch of a button and many more interesting features. This new toolbar introduced by Bing is really a useful toolbar for a lot of users. Install and try out how it works for you.


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