Friday, March 4, 2011

Facebook Unveils New Features on its Comments Box

March 4, 2011 - Facebook has consistently been on the top from among the many social networking sites in the world. With hundreds of millions of subscribers hooked to it, there is definitely no reason why it will not update its features.

Just recently, Facebook has released the newest update to its Comments Plugin. The comments plugin is where one is able to post comments on another’s site and this includes moderation tools and distribution. The newest update includes robust features like threaded comments, controls on moderation, and the ability to sync comments to a Facebook page. The last feature allows for more varied and widespread comments on a site.

This latest feature of the comments plugin only allows a user to comment on a facebook account. This means that in order to comment, one has to log in to his facebook account and then write his comment. There was an initial move to allow commenting from a Twitter account but the functionality was not allowed.

This update has several key user features. One is social commenting and context. With this, a facebook user is able to get more context by looking at the details of the commenter which are strategically placed right beside the commenter’s name. Details such as mutual friends and work profile are indicated. Another one is the “best comments first” where the best and most relevant comments are placed on top. Third is moderation where spammers are reported as abusers to avoid flooding of comments. Fourth is easy sharing where users can click “post to facebook” and have their comments posted on their walls. Finally is the threaded conversation which allows syncing with other sites. 

Facebook continues to update its system to give its users the convenience and enjoyment they truly deserve.


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