Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Google Launches Online Crisis Center to Help Japan Earthquake Victims

March 15, 2011 - Google has launched an Online Crisis Center to help victims of Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. With this tool, it helps you find a person and reports information on missing persons affected by the disasters.

Google's Online crisis center also provides reference maps of the earthquake, the latest related news and lists link to warning centers, disaster bulletin boards, and train and blackout information.

Google also added an area in the citizen tube for videos. A crisis response page is being set up in order for people to know information regarding the present situation in Japan.

There is no worry for other nationalities since the search finder was done in different and multiple languages and it consists of two areas. The two areas include search for people and provide information on people. As for now, around 17,500 recorded clients were served since the start and still counting.

We can really count on Google to help us and assist us with our daily problems and situations. It is a very good and reliable search engine that you can depend your life on. So don’t stop logging on to Google for more information regarding Japan. And please don’t hesitate to give information on the things happening in Japan now especially in reporting missing people. And just by reporting, you can already help people who are desperate to know how their family members are doing. This is a rewarding thing to do when you know you have helped someone. 

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