Thursday, March 31, 2011

Facebook Launches New Version of Questions Tool

It has already been almost a year since Facebook beta tested the new version of their Questions feature and now it is already released.

The new version of Questions focused more on asking questions to friends and soliciting recommendations based on their answers.

According to Adrian Graham, product manager of Questions, we can just easily ask anybody on the internet different questions. But it is much better to get responses and answers from people you know and people you can trust to make sure that they have given the right answers for your needs.

The updated version of Questions tool will be tried out to current testers. When these testers will start to ask questions, the new feature will automatically spread this to their friends. The application is only available in English for now.

When asking a question, users will be able to create a poll with restricted answers or that user can create a poll where it allows just about anybody to answer. For questions that don’t work with a poll format, the comment section becomes the answer section. With this new feature, questions can be answered and commented on within newsfeeds and profile pages. When a friend participates and answers your questions, then the questions will be posted to his or her profile page. When we get responses from the users, each option’s box fills to know how popular an option is. This way, viewers see the poll questions and results altogether. Facebook also includes the profile photos of the users who responded next to the options they selected.

These are just a few of the changes done in Facebook. All you have to do is see it for yourself and try it. It is you who can judge whether this feature works better compared to the unedited one. So there is no time waiting. Open your Facebook account and try out this new feature, you might get hooked.

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