Monday, April 4, 2011

Tips to Avoid and Prevent Facebook Spam

Facebook spam is already a given when we log in. We receive junk mails, fake advertisements, fraudulent offers, and opportunities which would lure people to click and view.

Since Facebook has grown into the biggest social network, it is the best source for spam mails and applications. It is has been a pressing concern for Facebook to eradicate this problem. Thus, Facebook has applied features to clean up this mess and it has cleaned at least 95% of it. But still we can only control its number but not completely eradicate spam.

Some tips are gathered to help control this problem. First of all, you must know how to identify Facebook spams like links that turn out to be scams. You must avoid getting hooked to these because allowing these links to have the ability to post walls on friend pages make you an instrument for spams to increase their range of susceptible victims.

You will know that these are spams since they offer things which are too good to be true. And sometimes, they use names of people who are unlikely to do their advertisements.

It is advised to follow Jolie’s instructions in the Southwest post in order to avoid spams. You try to visit your Facebook privacy settings and go to “Apps and Websites.” You will then see a list of the most recently accessed applications from your account. What you do is select the offending application and remove it from your account. You delete messages from that account and, at the same time, warn your friends about it.

Another thing you should do is keep track of other people’s advices and recommendations regarding new ways and strategies by which spams could trick you. And if you are already aware of this, then you won’t anymore be tempted to use their applications. It is very important to screen whatever messages or links you have in your account because you might be trapped in a hole of spam.


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