Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something Missing about Google +1 Recommendation Button

David Berkowitz, Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation for digital marketing agency 360i, shared his opinion about what's missing on Google +1 Recommendation Button on Mashable.com

Berkowitz explained that Google’s social media initiative denotes a significant change in thinking. The innovative concept says that friends’ preferences should be trusted, together with the preferences of all other searchers instead of trusting a search engine’s algorithm to deliver the most relevant search results.

Nowadays, both concepts are feasible. It has been observed that Internet users today are more comfortable with getting recommendations from friends, whether solicited or unsolicited, and then acting on them. They are also used to trusting the feedback of strangers.

Many web sites have been relying on the input of millions of consumers making them successful. They have become successful for they rely on both the algorithmically generated recommendations and consumer input. However, with search engines today, they are more reliant on the algorithm with no room for friends and strangers’ recommendations.

However, with +1, Google informed us to change. Google’s +1 challenges us to notice that the results are different, act on a +1 listing and notice the +1 votes from peers and others, comprehend that these are different, and act on them accordingly.

But, if the results with the most +1’s are considerably different from the order submitted by Google’s algorithm, it will mean that either the people or the algorithm are wrong.

For once, Google is unclear, signifying that there are two right answers. In actual fact, the difference between the two answers must be quite negligible for Google’s algorithm remains the true authority as seen without the immense majority of queries. There are only 10 natural results displayed out of potentially millions or billions of pages. Nevertheless, there is still a chance for Google to be making a mistake; thus, shaking the foundation of the users’ faith in the doctrine of Google infallibility.

Berkowitz suggested that what Google’s +1 lacks most is Facebook for today Facebook has the richest data for most Internet users’ social connections.

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