Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tagging Pages in Facebook Photos Now Available

Facebook users will now be able to tag Fan Pages in their photos.

Initially, Facebook users will be allowed to tag Pages for Brands & Products as well as People in their Facebook photos with Facebook additionally saying that it is “looking to expand this functionality to more Page categories over time.”

Facebook announced that its Page tagged photos will adhere to a user’s privacy settings and will only be displayed on a Page’s Photos tab of a Page, rather than on that Page’s Wall, if set to be visible to everyone and even if a user hasn’t “Liked” it.

The recently added feature could turn out to be an important discovery and growth channel for Facebook Pages given that a tag will cause a link to that Page to appear on a user’s photo.

In the past, friends in photos are the ones that can be tagged; however, with the recently added feature, one can tag any Page with the proper category, whether they’ve Liked it or not. 

Facebook assures users concerned about their privacy that privacy settings will still apply; everyone will be able to see the tagged snap, only if your photos are visible to everyone while only friends will be able to check out your photo if your photos are set to “only friends”.

The most popular native application, Facebook’s Photos, receives huge numbers of Page views. Some of the things represented by Pages that most frequently appear in user photos are brands, products, and people. Tagging these brands, products and people could definitely be beneficial for it could gain many impressions from a user’s friends over a long period of time, providing many chances for that Page to get new fans and it could result in free advertising.

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