Thursday, September 1, 2011

Google + 1 Button Adds New Share Option Feature

The Google +1 button, Google’s social sharing option that’s been impressively popular since its launch has once again added two new features that would make Google +1 button even more useful to Google users.

Now, the Google +1 button has become more valuable with its recently added two key features: the sharing on Google+ and “+snippets” features.

With the latest new features, Google +, Google’s social network, users are now allowed to publish directly from the +1 button to Google+, making it easier to share web pages with their circles as they can do directly from the +1 button.

Since Google +1 button’s launching, it has been expected for some time that Google would be integrating the +1 button with their social network.
Now with Google +1 button new sharing feature, users who +1 a page will now see a “share” option when they hover over the +1 button that will allow them to share links to their Google+ pages so if someone wants to start a conversation about their content, it will now be easy for them do so with a few easy clicks.

Moreover, with the “+snippets” feature, user can now customize their snippet, the excerpt from their site that’s shared by default, so users can now tailor the name, image and description that appear when their content is shared so it can encourage more sharing of their content on Google+ thus making it “a great way to jumpstart conversations with the people you care about."

This newest Google +1 button features is once again a good news for an SEO company for it this will be useful for their SEO and Social Media Campaigns. 

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