Friday, September 16, 2011

Twitter to Publicly Release its Web Analytics Tool

Twitter, one of the most successful social networking sites, will soon roll out its own Web Analytics Tool to all twitter users.

This Web Analytics Tool is a useful tracking tool designed to help website owners, internet marketers and search engine optimization experts to analyze and monitor the effectiveness of their Twitter Marketing Campaign and Tweet Button Integration. With this tool, they can able to understand how much their website content is being shared across the Twitter network and see the traffic stats they receive from Twitter.

Twitter Web Analytics Tool is powered by BackType, a comment turned social analytics platform acquired by Twitter last July.

Currently, this tool is in beta and it can be used for free. A small group of its partners will be the first to get an access and start to use Twitter Web Analytics this week and in the coming few weeks, Twitter will release it to all website owners. 

For those web developers, Twitter has some good news as they will also soon provide Twitter Web Analytis API to let them incorporate Twitter data in their products.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it's about time Twitter got an analytics platform. I'm sure every seo company across the planet is celebrating since now they can show their clients how well (or poorly) their Twitter campaign they've set up is doing. I'm interested to see how my Twitter has helped my personal blog out. Thanks

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