Friday, March 9, 2012

Google Webmaster Tools Adds User Administration Feature

Google Webmaster Tools now has a new user administration feature!

Google has just recently announced that it has rolled out a new Webmaster Tools feature, allowing verified site owners to grant limited access to their site’s data and settings in Webmaster Tools to other people.

For a couple of years, site owners had the ability to grant full verified access to others but they still had to modify all the settings. But now, as Google listened to all the requests from site owners for the ability to grant limited permission for others to view a site's data in Webmaster Tools without being able to modify all the settings, Google now had done exactly what was requested with their new User administration feature.

Now, site owners can add new user accounts of up to 100 users without giving over their own username and password and without giving them full control of their site. 

This can be done from the Home page. Just click the "Manage site" drop-down menu, then you'll see the menu option that was previously titled "Add or remove owners" which is now "Add or remove users." This menu option will take you to a new User admin page where you can add or delete up to 100 users. You can also specify each user's access as "Full" or "Restricted” depending on the rights you want to assign them.

"Full" access means that you are giving other users the access to view all data and take most actions. "Restricted" access means you are only giving other users access to view most data but can only take some actions, such as using Fetch as Googlebot and configuring message forwarding for their account. A “Restricted Access” indicator will be seen by the restricted users at various locations within Webmaster Tools.

Hopefully, this new feature will make site management easier for webmasters and search engine optimization experts alike who have a lot of employees and colleagues. This feature is also hoped to save a lot of hassle when a website owner and other users have to make changes when needed, or need to be retracted.

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