Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Facebook Launches New Premium Ads

Facebook has recently launched its new ad platform!
The update Facebook brand page owners and search engine optimization experts alike have been waiting for has now been rolled out last end of February.
The world’s largest social network platform, Facebook Inc., has finally launched its new product called “Premium,” a new strategy of advertising.
Bigger than ever, these new Premium Ads had replaced several “classic” premium ad options that were retired last February 29th namely: Premium Like (Photo and Video), Premium Event, Video Comment, and Premium Poll (Photo and Video).

Marking the first possibility for ads to appear on mobile phones, as well as on the log-out screen, these new Premium Ads will enable brands to make the content they post organically on their page be viewable to Page fans/followers. But once turned into a Premium Ad, that content can be targeted to any Facebook user, including non-fans.
Basically speaking, this premium ad will make it possible for webmasters, businesses, and brands to take any type of content posted as Page content on their Facebook Page and make it into an ad unit appearing on 5 areas, the right side of the user's home page. From there, these ad units could be displayed on users' news feeds if they have liked the brand, as well as in the news feeds of their Facebook friends and Mobile news feed. Lastly, these same ads will also be displayed to users who are logging out as it can be seen on the Logout screen.
A new Facebook advertising evolution, these premium ads can be a great way for professional SEOs, social media marketers and website owners to make available their Facebook contents, offers, and notices direct to consumers, followers, and a wider audience.
According to Facebook, its new premium ads is said to have been generating about 5 to 10 times more CTR (Clicks-through rate) and thrice the (Return of Investment) ROI increase as compared to previous units after more than two months of testing.

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