Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Webmaster Tools Added New Crawl Error Alerts

Google has just recently announced via a blog post in its Webmaster Central Blog that is has rolled out new Crawl Error alerts. 

“Since Googlebot regularly visits your site, we know when your site exhibits connectivity issues or suddenly spikes in pages returning HTTP error response codes (e.g. 404 File Not Found, 403 Forbidden, 503 Service Unavailable, etc). If your site is timing out or is exhibiting systemic errors when accessed by Googlebot, other visitors to your site might be having the same problem!” Google posted.

So, according to Google, they will send alerts to webmasters or site owners when they see such errors. These alerts will be in the form of messages in the Webmaster Tools Message Center that will let you know what they have detected.

Previously, you can only receive alerts via Webmaster Tools when your site is experiencing some serious issues. Now, with this latest update, crawl Error alerts will be sent by Google via Webmaster Tools as well as to your email (if you set it up to forward to email) when you get crawl errors.

“Hopefully, given this increased communication, you can fix potential issues that may otherwise impact your site’s visitors or your site’s presence in search,” Google further posted.

Google will now send you alerts for both site wide and page specific issues.

Site Error Alerts for Major Site-Wide Problems

• DNS server is down or misconfigured

• web server itself is firewalled off

• web server is declining connections from Googlebot

• web server is overloaded or down

• robots.txt file of your site is inaccessible

URL Error Alerts for Less Critical Issues

• Server error

• Soft 404

• Access denied

• Not found

• Not followed

This latest update on Google Webmaster Tools is another great way for webmasters or SEO Experts to keep them more informed about the state of their site.

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