Friday, July 20, 2012

Bing Launched a Disavow Link Tool on its Webmaster Tools

Bing has a new disavow link tool, beating Google to the punch!

Microsoft’s Bing had recently announced that you can now disavow links within Bing Webmaster Tools. This is great news for SEO community. 

Now, webmasters or providers of search engine optimization services will be able to mark any links coming into your site that you “disavow” within Bing Webmaster Tools.

This new Bing disavow link tool, according to Microsoft, will “tell the engine you just don’t want to associate your content with “that” site”.

When asked why Bing’s new disavow link tool was launched and why a site owner would be motivated to spend reviewing links and determining if they should be disavowed, Microsoft says in its post that they have been hearing over the months some webmasters wanting to gain more control over links pointed at their content. They would want the ability to inform that they do not trust such particular links. That is why this latest redesign answers this concern.

Microsoft also posted that the input from this new tool will send signals to them indicating that the webmasters want to distance themselves from certain links for whatever reason. Though this tool does not really have any direct impact on the site’s ranking, it will make Bing understand more clearly what webmasters feel towards links pointing at their sites.

No idea what that means tactically?

Duane Forrester explains it better when Microsoft was asked why someone would want to use this tool and what the result would be.

Forrester explained that this new tool will basically give webmasters a way to alert Bing. He said, “A signal if you will – to the fact they don’t support a particular link (or group of links) pointing to their site. Whether from negative SEO, an old paid link effort they’d like to distance themselves from, or whatever, the tools allows them to tell us how they see the link, essentially.”

Forrester further explains that the tool will especially be helpful especially during instances when the webmasters are first able to see something related to their website even before Bing is able to crawl them. Therefore, the spikes seen will signal them to investigate. In a nutshell, the tool will enable Bing to understand what the webmaster is feeling towards certain links.

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