Monday, October 1, 2012

Facebook Includes Search History in User's Activity Logs

Facebook has recently added search history to its activity log. 

It was announced recently by Facebook that a personal search history will now be included in users’ Activity Logs.

To be rolled out to all users in the next few weeks, this new feature will enable users to view and delete all or some of their past searches. Currently, there is no way for users to share their search history with friends in the same way that Bing offers. 

But now, Facebook users are given full access and control to what they share with their friends with their own Activity Log, with the option of being able to delete certain queries they make. 

Basically, this search history feature is a drop-down recap of who or what you’ve been searching for when you type things into that search box at the top of your news feed. By clicking the button on your activity log, you will be able to see everything organized by date and query term, via both desktop and mobile sites. And, you will also be able to delete your search terms at any time, just like you can with the stuff you’ve shared through Timeline. 

It seems that this new feature hints at Facebook’s plans entering the search realm, as what was promised by founder Mark Zuckerberg earlier this month. 

Facebook’s moves into the world of web search have long been awaited by analysts and the search engine optimization expert community since Google had announced their own social platform. This is because both are in the position to collect massive amounts of social data as well as employ it in personalized web searches.

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