Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Google's Remarketing in Search Program

Google has rolled out a beta program called Remarketing in Search, which is intended to take the benefits of remarketing and leverage them within the SERP environment.

Remarketing has now become a proven strategy used by many digital marketers in order to maximize conversion activity.

With Google’s Remarketing program, you will be able to display ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browsed the Web.

When using remarketing, you’ll be able to tag pages of your site that correspond to certain categories you want to promote, creating a remarketing list. Then from this, you can create an AdWords campaign where you can display highly relevant messages to search users who have visited these pages as they browse sites across the Google Display Network. Thereby, you are leveraging this customer knowledge in making an impact on your messaging and bidding strategy within your SEM campaigns to improve performance.

Why Leverage Remarketing Within Search?

•    You will be maximizing relevant ad copy. If you know what your users are looking for and applying this knowledge to top your competition in the SERP to other users, then you will be able to likely increase your Clicks-Through Rate and get more visits, while improving your quality score.

•    It can also increase value of the customer and associated click value. This is because users who are familiar with your brand have an increased chance of converting to become a buyer and as such, by being able to reach known users within the SERP, you should be able to have an impact on your bidding strategy, increasing your CPCs on known customers to maximize potential.

•    You will be able to know the content the user has visited, thereby impacting the landing page your search ads link to. By knowing what the user is interested in your ad copy, you will be able to create a personalized landing page relevancy based on the user’s history; thus, enabling you to keep the user back to your landing page.

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