Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guidelines for Choosing a Trustworthy SEO Company

With the stiff competition among companies who have online presence today, all the more it has become necessary for them to engage SEO Services. This is also because Google is constantly tweaking and changing its search ranking algorithms. 

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is a method to make your website highly visible on a search engine's free listing to as many as your potential clients as possible, ensuring that your website or any of your site’s page is not only found globally but also regionally by those who require exactly what you offer. 

However, with the thousands of SEO companies lurking in the web, choosing the most trustworthy SEO company has become an ordeal and confusing process. 

So, Here are Some Guidelines in Choosing the most reliable SEO Company: 

1.   Realistic Providers (SEO in terms of ROI) 

Nowadays, many crooked SEO companies are just waiting to pounce on naive websites as SEO has become a lucrative business. So, make sure to choose an SEO Service provider who understands SEO in terms of ROI to your business. 

Don’t be afraid to ask them how they will benchmark and forecast ROI on an SEO campaign and how they measure success. By establishing benchmarks and creating ROI based goals for your campaign, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of the SEO campaign that is done in your website. 

2.   Open Communication 

This is the heart of a successful SEO campaign. Finding out from the beginning who will actually be working on your account is very important as many times the search engine optimization expert whom you have talked to won’t be the person doing the actual work on your account. So, it is highly recommended to meet the team behind the salesperson. In this way you can get a feel of how well you flow with the organization. 

Also, make sure to discuss how frequently you will receive account updates and the level of detail you should expect during your scheduled communication. So, don’t hesitate to request a defined communication plan that explains points of contact, frequency of contact, and length of contact.

3.    Accountability 

Make sure to define and establish a project accountability plan and stick to it. This could include an online project management system where hours are being logged and tasks recorded, or excel spreadsheets logging the time and tasks performed.

Also, make sure that the accountability plan is interwoven with your communication plan to ensure maximum satisfaction. Having an accountability plan will help you understand the amount of work that is being performed by your SEO company. 

So, make sure to inquire what form of project management will be in place on your account and the level of access you will have to view the tasks, resources, objectives, and timelines in place regarding your project. 

4.   Provides Quality Analytics

This is an important part as analytics will provide you with the data you need to make the right decisions in your online marketing strategies. So make sure to choose a professional Search Engine Optimisation company that not only understands the analytics but can also provide you with explanations in business terms that make sense so you can feel good about implementing the recommendations. 

Don’t be afraid to ask to see examples of how the SEO company makes use of analytics optimizing their client’s sites and measure how that impacts the bottom line. 

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