Monday, November 12, 2012

Matt Cutts Talks About Parked Domain Detector

Matt Cutts of Google has released a new video about dealing with parked domain content for webmasters. He says that instead of parking your domain and not having any content in it, it would be better to introduce it by taking it out of parked mode and putting a bit of content in it. 

He added that a website can be parked manually by you by putting it within your website control panel or you can automatically do it by registering to a domain and not going live with it yet. 

With this, the Google “Parked Domain Detector” was created that would tell Google that a site is currently being parked and that this will not be shown in search results. And since parked domains don’t get the same treatment as live domains, it would take a while before Google once again crawls this site. This may pose a problem when you finally decide to go live with your site that already has content in it. 

The purpose of Google making this “Parked Domain Detector” is that it has received complaints from users about them landing in parked domains. 

So to avoid having problems with your site, you are encouraged to take out your site out of parked domain status and start to set up hosting and put in content.

You need not put in-depth and very informative content if you are not ready with that just yet. You simply have to tell the user what your website is about, what probable content it will have, and that it is under construction and that it will go live real soon. You may also opt to put there your email address, telephone number or any contact information you have. 

If you do not have much knowledge on this, you may consult your SEO Services providers.

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