Monday, November 26, 2012

Twitter Exposure Drives Purchases - Study Says

TWITTER has been proven to promote purchases online. This was revealed by a study conducted by Twitter and Compete. The study used 7,600 users of Twitter to analyze their purchasing behavior in relation to the 700 retailers on the social platform. 

According to the study, people are more likely into buying a product online when they see a tweet coming from a retailer. About 27 percent of internet users bought a product from a retail website during the period Compete conducted the study. This is little compared to the 33 percent of Twitter users who bought at a retail website during the same period. However, this figure increases to as much as 39 percent when a Twitter user is exposed to a tweet made by a retail website. 

Furthermore, the study revealed that the more people see tweets, the more they are enticed to visit the sites and then purchase products online. 

Back in October, Twitter also sponsored a study that aimed to determine the social platform’s influence on users in visiting a campaign donation page. 

“This likelihood increases when Twitter users are exposed to political Tweets either from political handles they follow, retweets by users they follow, Promoted Product campaigns by a political handle, or searches on political terms. Twitter users exposed to any of these kinds of political Tweets are almost twice as likely (97%) as other Twitter users to visit an online political donation page,” revealed the study. 

With these results, it is estimated that more and more people will see Twitter as a tool for leveraging their businesses especially with the features like trends, tweets, and accounts. 

It is, therefore, also encouraged that every search engine optimization service provider should include Twitter in their SEO strategies. 

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