Monday, December 3, 2012

Blog Comments: Do they Have Search Ranking Value?

When we read comments or articles on a website, we see most of them being longer than 500 words. This is because there is a common misconception that for a page to rank, its content should be at least 500 in words. This is not true. 

RANKING depends on a lot of factors. And even if more words will help Google understand what your page is about, the fact is that it will not assure you that your page will indeed rank. Though Google will more likely favor a longer article, it can also take notice of the shorter ones. 

In fact, according to John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, the Googlebots do not actually and literally count the number of words there are in an article. As such, even those which are shorter can also be worthy. What is important is that your articles should have comments from readers which can develop into really long discussions.

When Mueller was asked if time is an important factor to Google, he said “yes, but you should be looking to increase those with good information, and solid actionable content, not comments. The biggest effect comments have is giving Google a date to show in the SERP’s. This is a huge factor who’s importance can’t be unstated. If I’m looking for how to fix the mouse on my computer, or what dress Angelina Jolie wore to an awards show, having the date show up in the SERP has a lot of value for the user. If I’m looking to learn how to structure a website, the date plays almost no role. The author’s expertise and understanding of information architecture trumps the date.” 

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