Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting to Know more about News Keywords Tag

Search Engine Optimization is definitely becoming more popular as more and more businesses are also seeing the advantages of making use of such SEO Services. However, going with this is also the increasing complexity of the nature of the jobs and other things to consider by webmasters. 

For one, Google just launched the new keywords meta tag for news publishers. Launched in September by the largest search engine, Google, it is a way for news publishers to address the fact that much of the keywords that they hope their stories would fall under or be found in don’t necessarily make it to the story headlines. 

According to Google, there are two reasons why this is happening. 

  • It is not ideal to make your headline lengthy and too wordy just to include all the relevant terms you think your reader will be looking for. 
  • Journalists fail to differentiate how they are to write for digital media wherein their descriptive headlines are important. Many of them stick to writing headlines that are sensible only when the whole text has been written which is a style that is only good for the printed page. 

That is why news publishers, webmasters and SEO experts are called to observe these facts so that their news articles will be included in the results pages of Google. 

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