Friday, January 11, 2013

Twitter Adds New Search Capabilities

As part of twitter's commitment of giving its users the optimum experience and advantage, they have just added new search capabilities, allowing users to find “what’s happening in real time”.

The added features include an autocomplete function wherein Twitter predicts what the user is going type into the search bar. There is also the list of suggestions of Twitter accounts and tweets that are more or less the same as the one being searched by the user. Results will also already be showing videos and images. An interesting feature also is that search results may now be limited only to the accounts that are followed by the user.

Though these changes are not really that big, these are still an avenue for the social media platform to keep up with the expansion and growth of Facebook and Google.

Even with these changes, many bloggers are still thinking that Twitter is not doing much or enough to deliver the demands of its users and become a more comprehensive search engine.

Additionally, sources that are close to Twitter are saying that Twitter is not including new advertising opportunities to the changes that it is making today. However, “promoted tweets” will continue to be pulled up at the top of search results pages.

These changes are still reasons enough for SEO experts to include Twitter Marketing Campaign as part of their custom SEO Packages.

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