Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Firefox Users to Default Encrypted Google Searches

Thinking ahead, Mozilla, the popular browser maker of Firefox, is planning to enable Google Secure Search as default search option for Mozilla Firefox browser, a free web browser.
Intending to make all Google searches encrypted in the near future, the browser maker, Mozilla, has announced that it is currently testing a secure method of searching Google by using default encrypted Google searches for all Firefox users. 

This change is not only intended to help prevent potential “eavesdropping” of what users are searching for but is also aimed to further reduce the ability for publishers, webmasters and search engine optimization experts and the like to know how people find their sites in Google — except for Google advertisers, where a loophole in Google Secure Search continues to provide them with this data.
According to Johnathan Nightingale, senior director of Firefox engineering, Mozilla Firefox is currently testing the change to use SSL for built-in Google searches in their Firefox nightly channel. Once there will be no issues uncovered, Mozilla will move through their Aurora and Beta release channels before eventually shipping to all their Firefox users, which will also include migrating the changes to their non-English version of Firefox.
Currently, Firefox has Google as its default search engine.
Though the plan is in its testing phase, Mozilla hasn’t yet announced its official take on when exactly it will switch Firefox end users to default encrypted Google searches.
As stated, once the feature ends up on the Aurora and Beta release channels, then it will be generally made available soon after. Mozilla noted that each release channel development period could take up to six weeks.
It is a known fact that Mozilla gets huge cash from Google ¾ as they recently extended the deal/agreement for another three years or so ¾ for providing Google search as default option for their millions of users.
Currently, there are about 21 percent to 25 percent of Internet users globally that are using Firefox (according to NetApplications and StatCounter). And as such, Firefox is currently continuing to drive its users to Google from the search bar and from the about:home page.
Now with the recently redesigned in Firefox 13 aurora, Mozilla now offers secured search as default search option for its Firefox  users .

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