Friday, March 23, 2012

Twitter Promoted Tweets Now Available in Mobile Users

Recently, social media giant Twitter has announced the rolling out of the company’s Promoted Tweets advertising platform for mobile devices, enabling professional SEO experts and marketers to make use of its Promoted Tweets paid ad service reaching their mobile users who aren’t following the retailer’s brand.

This means that the new advertising platform, Promoted Tweets, will now join the Promoted Accounts on users’ mobile devices. Advertisers are now also enabled to specify whether their Promoted Tweets will appear on iOS, Android or other mobile platforms.

Before, marketers were only allowed to display Promoted Tweets to a small number of consumers who already follow its brand. Promoted Tweets had previously appeared in a consumer’s timeline like any other Twitter message, called a tweet. Similar to a regular tweet, the Promoted Tweet flows with the rest of the Tweets in the timeline once the shopper scrolls.

Now, Twitter has rolled out Promoted Tweets with much broader targeting options for advertisers. 

Currently, Promoted Tweets will now appear once in both mobile users’ timeline of their iOS and Android Twitter apps and within search, appearing at the top of the screen.

This new move will enable SEO Service experts and marketers to target Promoted Tweets to mobile users who share similar interests with their existing followers. It has also enabled advertisers to target shoppers based on how they are viewing Twitter on desktop computers or laptops as based on the operating system a mobile device uses, such as Apple’s iOS operating system or Google Inc.’s Android. It has also enabled marketers to also target consumers based on their location, demographics or interests.

Twitter also added that they will only show “relevant” tweets to mobile users. If users’ think that the Promoted Tweets in the timeline is not relevant, they can just swipe the timeline and delete it. 

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