Friday, March 30, 2012

What's New on Google Adwords Interface?

Google had just recently announced that it had integrated a new display interface within AdWords. They have added a new tab to the AdWords interface, named as the "Display Network Tab."

This new tab is designed to make it much easier and more granular for professional SEO experts and webmasters alike to manage their display network campaigns within the AdWords interface, making it easier to buy and track display advertising on its network.
Rolling out gradually to advertisers in the next few weeks, Google stated that: “The new Display Network Tab is an interface built from the ground up to run display campaigns, and will enable you to bid, target and optimize display campaigns all from a single place.”
So, this new Display Network Tab will enable advertisers to bid, target and optimize their display campaigns.
Initially, AdWords was intended for search advertising, with display capabilities built on top of that platform. Display had evolved showcasing a whole range of formats available that included rich media, video and mobile as well as providing also a number of ways of choosing where your ads will show, however, ¾ according to Brad Bender, director of product management for display at Google ¾ the interface hadn't changed.
Google had been talking about making display buying much easier for a while and now they had revamped AdWords to make that possible.
Google had also been working on what they call "Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting", enhancing the contextual engine that matches ads to pages based on keywords.
This means that you can now be able to make use of the controls when optimizing your contextual campaigns down to individual keyword level.
Bender explained that the contextual engine will enable you to find people who are deeply engaged with content that is relevant, as well as figure out what pages to run on.
There are more than 1 billion users in the Google network. These users are categorized with more than 1,000 interests. Now, with the new tab, advertisers are now able to overlay that targeting within the Display Network Tab.
This Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting will enable marketers to view the performance of display campaigns at the individual keyword level, instead of using themed ad groups, which was done previously.

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