Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Visually Appealing Content Attracts More Timeline Engagement

Study shows that Facebook’s Timeline has boosted brand engagement!

Last February 29th, Facebook had launched Timeline for brands. Facebook had made a guarantee that the new Timeline for brands would “showcase brand’s unique stories and identities” as well as cause a great improvement on how consumers interact and engage with their favorite brands.

With its new "pinning" feature, the new Timeline for brands will enable brands and businesses like SEO Company to keep a particular post/promotion at the top of their fan page on the social media site, instead of just letting it slip down below the fold as they add new messages daily.

Now, according to a new study by Simply Measured, the month-old Timeline has increased engagement with many brand posts.

This new study by Simply Measured was aimed to unravel the hype and measure the real impact of the new Timeline for brands by analyzing the Facebook Fan Pages of 15 early adopters from a variety of industries. Simply Measured had gauged Timeline’s impact by means of a comparison between engagement rates before and after Timeline was implemented for these pages.

Specifically, in Simply Measured report involving 15 brands, the study revealed that there was a 14% increase in fan engagement, 46% increase in content engagement and 65% increase in interactive content engagement (video and photo). 

Study data show that nonprofit LiveStrong engagement had jumped by 161 percent, Toyota by 156 percent, Humane Society by 83 percent, Red Bull by 70 percent, and Macy's by 52 percent.

According to Adam Schoenfeld, Simply Measured co-founder, the increase in engagement could be highly attributed to Timeline’s new features, particularly pinning as well as - most significantly - Timeline’s enhanced multimedia capabilities as the new Timeline redesign is much more visual, highly focusing on interactive content, as well as providing new features that give brands more control over how their Fan Page looks and feels.

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