Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Google’s “Search Plus Your World” Promotion is Back!

Just recently, many  SEO Experts and Social Media Marketers have noticed that they have received Google’s “Search Plus Your World” feature turning up in their search results.
Now three months into the launch, and for some hidden reason, Google had once again made its Google’s “Search Plus Your World” promotion be heard, with at least two slightly different promos now running concurrently.

With Google’s “Search Plus Your World”, the search engine giant had dramatically changed the way we search by enabling us, users with Google accounts to search ‘globally’  or ‘personally’, integrating deeply social sites (especially Google+) into the Google search experience to make it more personalized.
One is through Google’s traditional search which still makes use of Web History and Search preferences and the other mixed with web results with a wide array of photos, posts, pages and profiles from your Google+ account.
So what’s the take on Search Engine Optimization?
From an online SEM perspective, as the best way to feature in ‘Search Plus Your Life’ is to really build up your Google+ presence, so leverage this and claim your Google profile and start creating contents that people will share and encourage people to +1 your website and blog posts. As the more people are talking about you on Google+ and the more +1s you have, the more personal search results you will appear in.
With searchers now relying more on recommendations from friends or acquaintances, having your client’s or your site’s contents be shared and +1d by their friends will make your content become more visible in search results, increasingly the possibility of your site being clicked.
Moreover, one of the key Google+ takeaways for marketers is there is a much greater likelihood for your content or activity to appear in their search results as this will increase in correlation with the more people who have added your personal or business Google+ page to their circles.

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