Monday, April 30, 2012

5 Tiers in New Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization

Search Engine Watch Blog has posted about the 5 different tiers in the New Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization, the process of optimizing your website, getting your name, company, product or service found online when people are searching for what it is you have to offer.

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The idea of developing a hierarchy of web presence optimization is based on the basic SEO fundamentals that are necessary to be done ethically before your hard work will be paid off and see good results from your SEO Campaign. Its purpose is to provide a visualization of how the application of SEO strategies and the services required to do them have changed due to the continuous tweaks of Google to their algorithm. It also aims to help you as webmasters in maximizing your SEO efforts and investment.
Here are its Five Different Tiers:
1st  Tier: Technical SEO Fundamentals & Foundation
It takes approximately 10% of your SEO efforts which often consist of one-time tasks such as:
·         Setting up robots.txt, working on your URL Structures like 301 redirects, creating sitemaps, title tags, etc.
·         Configuration and cross referencing of a blog presence and social accounts. This includes: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and any other industry-specific social media or sharing sites.
·         Adding of social sharing icons throughout the main site and blog sites
·         Getting backlinks from authority websites in your niche and getting listed in local directories
·         Claiming of Googe Business Listing / Google Maps
·         Understanding web page load time and server details that may affect rankings.
2nd  Tier: Keyword and Competitive Research
This tier requires approximately 25% of your SEO efforts which consist of choosing the right keywords for your website and determine your competition for those  keywords.
Things to DO:
Create a shortlist for relevant keywords / keyphrases your targeted visitors are actually searching for to find the products or service you are offering. Once you develop your keyword list, then you can scale your SEO effort into the next tier.
3rd  Tier: Optimized Content Marketing Plan
Optimized Content Marketing is at the intersection of organic SEO, social media, all the latest Google Algorithm updates, including the rolling of Panda Updates and the recent Penguin Update and content marketing.
Planning and creating your optimized content takes 55% of your SEO efforts.
4th  Tier: Publish, Socialize and Share Content
The distribution of your optimized content marketing which takes about 5% of your SEO effort is the key to an effective and successful SEO campaign. It accomplishes these four primary goals of your SEO Campaign: such as backlink building, indexing highly by Google ultimately getting your site be found, creation of social signals (Tweets, Retweets, Likes, Shares, Views), and beginnings of a sales conversation with prospects.
5th  Tier: Measure & Improve
This tier which covers about measuring and improving your content marketing campaign is the final and ultimate tier and accounts for the remaining 5% of your SEO effort.
Here are the following metrics for you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO Campaign
·         Impressions
·         Click-through Rates
·         Site Conversions
·         Social Signals
·         Number of Quality Backlinks
·         Keyword Rankings

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